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Maldec - Athena Planet!
"Athena fought against the misuse of power on Maldec, a planet once orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, until it was destroyed and became the present asteroid belt. She brings her experience of defending truth and justice, to the work of the Planetary Council."

Princess Osanta mentions Maldec!
"There is a new planet coming to replace Maldec, the one that was destroyed by the great battle between the Dragon and Lord Michael."

Grand Space Commander Kalieb mentions Maldec!
"During this battle, a very small planet called Maldec got fragmentations of these explosions and was completely wiped out. This caused a lot of debris that you see around Saturn rings and also all the way into Jupiter and Pluto."

Earth's Ascension by Chris Hamilton!

"Maldek was the planet which was destroyed by blocked energies when Lucifer, who had charge over the evolution of this planet, refused to allow the devas to work with the energies that were needed to maintain that planet."

Tales From the Planets!
In the near future, Phoenix may disturb other asteroids nearer Earth. This has happened before during other "close encounters" with Phoenix. It may happen again. Long ago, Phoenix's passage through the inner solar system brought it close to Maldec, a planet dominated by female warriors where the asteroid belt is now located. Athena, Greek goddess of war and practical wisdom, represents this planet on the Planetary Council. The powerful magnetic force of Phoenix affected Maldec when she was weakened and extremely out of balance due to a long term nuclear war. The combination of external cosmic forces and internal destruction was too much for Maldec. She exploded and flew in all directions. When the situation stabilized, Planet Earth and its moon were created in a new orbit. Other bits and pieces of Maldec now float around in the asteroid belt.

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